BMW Serpentine & A/C belts : Diagram /// 330i (E46)

BMW Serpentine & A/C belts : Diagram /// 330i (E46)

Diagram / illustration of the Belt arrangement for BMW 330i (E46) engine accessories (automatic transmission) Link to Hi-Res image: Please Note - Do this at your own risk. Follow all Safety Procedures. Wear Eye Protection! Wear mechanics gloves if possible. Not responsible if you break anything (Yourself or Property) End Legal Mumbo Jumbo Disclaimer. This DIY was performed on a 02 BMW E46 330i automatic, alpine white paint, with Sport Suspension Package, you know the drill. So if that is not your vehicle, there might be differences.
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  1. outlawsaem says:

    Thax bro i was gettin mad already here? in da car thax god for dis vid help a mil thanks

  2. bimmersgarage says:

    What model year and what's the mileage? Without any videos of your ride (or seeing your vehicle in person), it's a bit difficult to diagnose. However, if this is the second time this has happened, then I would question you on the waterpump (it's bearings in particular) if the waterpump fails, it would allow the fan blade to wobble thus causing it to Shred things in the engine bay.?

  3. qwerbait5000 says:

    So my serpentine and ac belt came off so did my fan blade break voiding much damage to radiator hood and fan shroud what do u? guys think happened this is the second time

  4. pointklikkill says:

    this is a great diagram.? is there anyway you can list the part numbers im getting a little confused between the 4 different pulleys. this is for my 2003 e46 330i

  5. mrfk86 says:

    great info worked for my 325i thanks again

  6. bimmersgarage says:

    There are two belts - the main Serpentine belt and? a separate smaller A/C belt.

  7. harrykhehra says:

    hi i hace a 2001 bmw 330ci, i was wondering in? your drawing are there two belts or 1?

  8. BMWPOWER4U says:

    I have an E46 330i and the only performance item I have is the Signature Motoring performance CAI for about $160. The performance kit adds around 13.5HP on the dyno, sounds freaking great, and installs in under 30 minutes. Highly recommended.

    -13.5 HP increase
    -Lifetime filter
    -30 min. install time

    Aside from the power gain,? the SOUND is amazing at higher RPM but sounds normal in regular driving. I'm thinking about added high-flow exhaust next.

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